Do you know what you're made of?

Are you keen to know exactly what you're carrying right NOW?

Our Bodystat consultation provides you with a service that gives you "precision body composition analysis".

Our Bodystat Machine uses bio impedance technology to uncover your fat content, muscle make up, water retention levels and hydration. It calculates and quantifies your natural ability to "burn fat" and even assesses you current metabolic rate.

This self-discovery is possible in just a single 20 minute non-invasive Bodystat Assessment.

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You've heard them say many times before "The scales never lie" but they definitely mislead.

Lean, toned muscle is denser and weighs heavier than a lumpy, soft body.

That's why men and women who look in great shape weigh more on the scales than out of condition individuals of the same size.

This is why you need a much more comprehensive body analysis than simply climbing on your bathroom scales at home.

That's why you need a Body Composition Analysis.


When you're considering starting an exercise programme or re-motivating yourself to train, establishing an accurate starting point is a vital part of the process.

A Bodystat Consultation will give you the accurate reference point you need, whether you aim to:


Baseline Analysis – Establishes where you are NOW.

Body Composition Analysis – Find out what you are made of. How much of you is water, bone, muscle and fat?

Current Results – Calculates your metabolic rate, lean muscle mass, water retention levels, body fat percentage and estimated amount of calories you need to be consuming based on your target weight.

Goal Setting – Based on your results, your Personal Trainer will be able to help you set realistic, achievable goals based around Exercise, Nutrition and Detoxification.

Champneys Health Club have a limited number of discounted body composition tests being offered.

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