Nutritional Supplements & Protein Powders

Our fresh and exciting nutrition additions will help you level up your health game this Summer

Clean Lean Protein: 

A powerful nutritional tool to maintain body composition as we age, support appetite regulation and weight management and bolster your body in achieving fitness and health goals.

Available in Smooth Vanilla and Rich Chocolate.

You can enjoy a delicious nutritious shake from our Spa Cafes or purchase 500 g tubs for use at home.

Clean Lean protein by NuZest is a complete plant-based protein, allergen free, naturally sweetened, easy on digestion and tastes divine!

Zooki Nutrition Sachets: 

Nutrition done differently.

These delicious and innovative nutrient boost sachets fit easily into anyone's daily routine.

Great tasting, daily, on-the-go formulations that deliver high strength and convenient nutrients to help hit your health goals.

Available in vitamin C, vitamin D, turmeric and collagen all in a base of natural fruit extracts they can be used to support daily energy and immune system, skin, hair and nails, muscles, bones, and joints and more.

Add to a smoothie or enjoy independently as an 'on the go' sweet fix with goodness  at just £2.95 a sachet or £2.50 a sachet as part of a bundle, they're a guaranteed health hack.